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Over-the-counter heartburn medications could also be cause for concern.A 2016 study published in Circulation Research found that drugs like Nexium, which treats gastroesophageal reflux disease, could cause faster aging of blood vessel cells, making it more difficult for them to prevent heart attacks."Both asthma and cardiovascular disease are caused by high levels of inflammation," explains lead researcher Matthew Tattersall, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

En español | When it comes to heart attacks, many of us know the causes most likely to trigger a problem: Obesity, not enough exercise, high blood pressure, stress and smoking.Now a study published in the journal Vaccine shows why."We discovered that antibodies that are produced after the vaccination activate molecular processes, which protect and strengthen the cardiovascular system," explains study coauthor Veljko Veljkovic of the Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences at the University of Belgrade in Serbia.While the cause of the link is unknown, Leong suspects there could be a connection between muscle strength and improved vascular function.Adjusting the clocks forward (or back) an hour does more than just mess up your sleep.

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Middle-aged and older women who have migraines with aura, meaning the headaches are often preceded by visual symptoms like flashing lights or blind spots, have an increased risk of heart attack, according to a 2013 analysis of 28,000 women enrolled in the ongoing national Women's Health Study.